49 winchester - "It's a shame" radio Bristol Session

"The Wind" out now!

"Triggered by Gibson’s oft-introspective lyrics, 49 Winchester could stand firm as a thinking man’s band. Appalachian wisdom spun in a web of youth and vigor, wonders and questions propel their latest album, “The Wind.” Nationwide, expanses of music fans know Appalachia for its bluegrass and country music. Gospel, too. As testified by 49 Winchester, that’s not all that surfaces from the region. They’re not Ralph Stanley. Don’t want to be, either."


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"49 WINCHESTER CANNOT BE TIED DOWN. Six years after their inception, the Castlewood, VA quintet are no longer “the new kids on the block”, and have inspired a wave of young bands in their region with their seamless fusion of rock&roll, country, and blues, and with their infallible DIY approach to everything surrounding their music."

Before their March show in Knoxville, 49 sat down with Floyd Strange in the van outside of Barley's to catch up and reflect on six years of paying dues on the road.

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