49 Winchester

Appalachian soul music

Making their musical beginnings as childhood friends, Isaac Gibson & Chase Chafin began playing songs together on the banks of the Clinch River & the steps of the abandoned buildings in “Old Castlewood” Virginia. The echos of a once bustling town, empty train station and hotels of Winchester Street provided a perfect backdrop to their country, blues, and ragtime influences. With added guitar work from longtime friend Bus Shelton, the young band began playing shows in 2013 as an acoustic folk-trio in the months after high school and was well received into the region’s strong culture of grassroots music.

Over time, and with the addition of a rhythm section, the bands sound became something with more grit and power. Their childhood influences of rock and roll, blues, and country, molded the music into something that is totally unique and all their own. With a consistently heavy touring schedule, 49 Winchester has since played venues & festivals across the East, delivering the songs of Isaac Gibson in a powerful live show.